Life ….. Vs….. Abortion

Posted: January 14, 2012 by wisconsinsk8er in Abortion/Sanctity of Life, Uncategorized

So lets see Life is the topic hmm well when ya think about it God says life is Sacred if it wasn’t he would not have created it if ya think about it So is life important yes life is important the Bible says While you were still in your mothers womb i had a plan for you so when ya think about it Abortion is not God’s plan for you In fact it is the complete opposite of what God has for you and Abortion is One of the Devils many many snares and lies he slips into our minds and says oh you don’t want that Doctors have said life Starts at Conception not after but at Conception one of my Favorite songs that deals with Life Is “Bring me to life ” by evanescence It is such a powerful song and i strongly recommend you listen to it But back to the topic at hand Life is so much Better than Abortion and Gods plan for each and every Human being it plays such a huge role in his kingdom .

  1. bella vita says:

    I agree. What sickens me is more men are willing to pay for an expensive abortion instead or their child support for they’re already born children. In the end, all the children are still suffering.

    • wisconsinsk8er says:

      Oh i completely agree 100% that is why i made a promise to myself if God puts a girl in my life that already has a kid i will be there for that Kid even if it is not my own i will treat that kid as my own

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