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Before I begin, let me first say, if you are reading this article and you have already experienced the pain of an abortion and are seeking forgiveness from that… know that God forgives you!  It is not too late to seek His forgiveness.  All sin is equal in the sight of God.  He does not hate you, but loves you and knows you are hurting.  Forgiveness and comfort can be found only through Him, so be assured of His love for you… you may have a past, but you are precious in His sight, and that past can be wiped clean with faith in Jesus Christ.   In fact, if you are a woman struggling with this, please email me (acmb.galatians220@gmail.com)  I would love to talk with you.  But if you are someone who doesn’t know much about the issue of abortion, and is wanting to hear what some real facts are, then this post is for you.

If you know me personally, you know I have very strong feelings regarding this topic.  What many may not know is that I wasn’t always so opinionated on the issue.   To be honest, like many young people, I didn’t really concern myself with such heavy topics, but just had a general opinion as to what was “good and right.”  I knew that generally speaking, abortion was not good, but was unsure in situations like rape, incest, and the woman’s health.  In the last few years, my knowledge on the subject has expanded.  I’ve read God’s Word, talked with professors, read philosophy papers, done research, written reports, and have even created art on the subject.   Now that I have seen all the facts, and know both sides, I have a very strong stand on the issues, even in those situations that seem so grey at times.

In today’s society, abortion is talked about as if it is a woman’s right.  Something that “comes naturally” with being female.  Speaking as a women myself, I can definitely say that abortion is not a right I should possess under any circumstances.  And as to it’s “naturalness,” it is in fact one of the most unnatural concepts related to being female (the sex that is designed specifically for childbearing).  Reading articles like  “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion” by Mary Anne Warren has caused me to despair of many women’s ideas of  “women’s rights.”  (On a purely secular scale, I would question the decision to be pro-abortion simply because I would want to distance myself from such philosophies.)  But what I’ve said so far doesn’t prove anything.. it’s just my opinion.  Now let me talk about facts.

The unborn child inside a woman’s womb is 100% human and %100 separate and distinct from it’s mother.  Biologically speaking, at the very moment of conception, everything needed to create a new human individual is there and life has begun.  There is no one else exactly like this new creation.  Even if this tiny clump of cells were to split and become twins, they would be two entirely different individuals that just happen that share the same DNA.     There is quite a lot of discussion about when an unborn child (fetus, embryo, zygote, clump of cells) becomes a person.  According to a few highly secular philosophies, the concept of personhood doesn’t even begin till many months after the baby has been born! (I reference above mentioned article).  There are those who say that after so many weeks or during a certain trimester, then the fetus is a life, if this is true it would mean that overnight a dead clump of cells became a life!  Now that really would be amazing.   Many argue that an unborn child does not have it’s own identity yet because it cannot survive on its own outside the womb.  Here I make a simple comparison… Can we survive outside the earth?  No.  Are we any less our own identities? No.  Simply because a living thing needs a certain environment to live, does not make it any less an individual life.  The most recent debate however is not whether something is human or alive, but whether it is a person.  This is a very deep philosophical discussion that goes far beyond abortion and stretches into concepts of euthanasia, infanticide, assisted suicide, eugenics, and genocide.   But for the purposes of this discussion, I’m simply going to say that at the moment of conception, absolutely everything is needed to create a full-grown, living adult with purpose and identity.  To explain it another way:  One could define murder as the depriving of another individual a future existence… to take away from them something that belonged to them (their future).  The same is the case with abortion.  The act of killing an unborn child is akin to killing a full-grown adult when looking at it this way.

Beyond the unborn child’s right to a future, there are issues for the woman involved that are largely never discussed.   I’ve seen how abortion not only destroys one life, but also slowly destroys many others (the woman herself, her family, future relationships, etc).  Many women who undergo abortion procedures have long-term psychological and physical side-effects.  The other people involved in the decision-making process during this time also experience their share of post-abortion difficulties.   Studies show that among those who have had an abortion, over 90% experience feelings of guilt.  The same is was said for depression, and a loss of happiness.  Feelings of loneliness, anger, helplessness, self-condemnation, shame, grief, regret, constant stress, withdrawal, suicidal feelings, uncontrollable weeping and more were found in the vast majority of post-abortion women asked.   Beyond the psychological, numerous serious medical conditions are found in women who have had abortions.  She could experience breast cancer, ectopic (tubal) future pregnancy, hemorrhage, infection, cervix injury, future miscarriages, sterilization, and many other serious health problems.  Clearly abortion is something that harms the body both physically and mentally.

So what does the Bible say about abortion?  Well as you can probably guess, “abortion” isn’t found anywhere in the Bible because it is a relatively new word.  (Kind of like how “Bible” isn’t found anywhere either…)  But the Scriptures are filled with passages describing how God is very much aware of the unborn child and how He personally is involved in its development.  Take a look at these passages:

Psalm 139:13-16:  “For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth; Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; and in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.”

Jeremiah. 1:4-5:  “The word of the LORD came to me, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Psalm 22:9-10: “Yet You brought me out of the womb; You made me trust in You even at my mother’s breast. From birth I was cast upon You; from my mother’s womb You have been my God.”

Isaiah 44:2: “This is what the LORD says–He who made you, who formed you in the womb, and who will help you … “

And these are only a few passages that speak of God’s care of the unborn child. (If you’d like to read more, and read what the original Greek meanings of some words mean, click here.)  God valued and approved of the development of the unborn so much, that He even conceived in a virgin named Mary a child, His Son, to be delivered into the world.  If God did not greatly love the concept of a developing baby, He certainly wouldn’t have created this part of the life cycle, or allowed His Son to be developed in the same way.

Which brings me to the reality, that God in His sovereignty, allows some things to happen that we just don’t understand.  On the issues of rape, incest, and other issues discussed in abortion, sometimes we just can’t comprehend why a loving God would allow such things to happen.  But behind every problem in life, God creates marvelous opportunities.  I know stories of women who have been raped, decided to carry the child to term, and then realized that now they were able to minister to many broken women in ways no one else could.  Their children have been blessings to their lives, and when they see their new baby, they don’t see the man who raped them, but a small part of her that has been passed on to a new life.    I know that many still see rape as an excuse for abortion, but if we know that God is aware of all situations, then we have to accept that this new baby created by such harsh circumstances, is a life that God is allowing to come into existence for His purpose.  Like many events in life that we can’t explain at the time, it often takes years to see the why behind the bad things in our lives.

There is also the issue of the rare ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.  Unfortunately,  modern medical techniques have yet to reach the point where we are able to re-implanted the embryo to a proper place in the uterus.  I have been mistaken recently in thinking that this technology was available, but at this point it is still in the research phase.   In these cases in which the embryo begins to develop in the fallopian tube or cervix, instead of the uterus, the only course of action is to end the pregnancy, by either medication or operation.   I don’t think it is right to call these instances “abortion” because it implies an act of choice by the mother.  I think a more fitting definition for this would be a miscarriage.  I only mention this type of pregnancy here because many use tubal pregnancies as a reason for legalizing abortion.   However, this is not an abortion issue at all, but a medical necessity to save the mother’s life.  As Dr. H says, “It comes to a matter of allowing two to die or saving at least one.”   Hopefully medicine will progress quickly, and in the future we will be able to re-implant these types of  pregnancies in their proper place so the baby can grow and develop naturally.  Until then, there is no alternative.  My heart goes out to anyone who has had to deal with this type of miscarriage, either personally or with someone you love.   I can’t imagine it; I know it must be very difficult.  But as I have said, sometimes God allows some things to happen that we just can’t understand.  Realize that in His sovereignty, He always does what is best for us, whether we can see it or not.   Rest in knowing that your baby is already in Heaven, rejoicing and praising God! That goes for every unborn child that has lost their life.   If you are a believer, you can look forward to meeting him or her one day, and spending eternity together.

So in closing, if you were unsure on your stance in the abortion debate, I hope this has helped to inform you of what you may not be hearing from the secular side.  If you are still undecided, I encourage you to investigate this issue further, and I would highly recommend you watch Maatfa 21, it will open your eyes to the origins of Planned Parenthood and the greater issue of why abortion was advocated many years ago.

Again, if you are reading this and you already have had an abortion, or sponsored one, please know that God loves you and accepts you.  If you are not a follower of Christ, that’s the first step you need to take.  Without Jesus in your life, healing will be impossible.   If you are already a follower, but had this moment of weakness, then ask God for forgiveness; He gives it freely.  Then, forgive yourself.  Like all people, you made a mistake, but now you can move on and leave your past.  You will still experience the consequences that resulted from an abortion, but in Christ all things are made new and your past is forgiven! God remembers it no more.  I encourage you to reach out to other believers and find someone you trust to open up to.  It is very hard to deal with our issues if we never discuss them with our fellow believers.  This will be hard, I know.  But it well help you move forward and away from this part of your life.

  1. Sean Maguire says:

    Smashing job! You have answered so many of the common questions in a genuine and gentle nature, with wisdom and grace. Thank you for expressing it so well! I have trouble expressing things with gentleness, and this will be a resource I refer people to who ask me questions I struggle to answer. You have a great way with words!
    I’d like to add something to those who have already experienced the pain of abortion. There is a healing organization that wants to help you called Rachel’s Vineyard. They have retreats throughout the year where wounded individuals can go and escape the things of life and find time for healing. It’s a Christ-centered retreat, but they want you to come even if you haven’t known Christ yet.
    They are having a Retreat this February in Floyed, VA – here is the announcement:

    “Hurting after abortion? Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats offers a safe,
    non-judgemental environment where you can process the pain, shame,
    guilt and grief associated with abortion. This is a Christ centered,
    Bible based retreat where you will experience God’s grace, forgiveness
    and healing! For more information, contact Linda at (540)-525-7513 or
    email RoanokeRachelsVineyard@gmail.com. A retreat will be held in
    February 24 – 26 in Floyd, VA. All correspondence is totally confidential!”

    • galatians220life says:

      Thanks so much for posting the information about Rachel’s Vineyard! Feel free to add any more resources like that so anyone who needs it can be aware of those options. Like I said in my post, everyone has sinned in some way… this is no different. There shouldn’t be condemnation in regards to this issue, but help. So many women think they only have one option when it comes to abortion–and that’s simply not the case. And if a woman has already made that decision and is now feeling the consequences of it, they need love and healing… not finger pointing. Thanks for posting a good source of help!

  2. have you talked to people who have actually had this medical procedure done?
    Also, the Bible is quite a poetic work of literature (at least where it’s not talking of censuses and other sorts of Numbers) and in some areas shouldn’t be taken literally. It never says anything about abortions, just extremely flowery descriptions of sex and childbirth. As a practicing Christian and male member of society, who am I to tell a woman what she can and cannot do to her body? Who are you to forgive someone for a potentially lifesaving, necessary and painful (both physically an mentally) procedure? God does not call it a sin. If you wish to argue that the Bible takes things literally, then the Bible also condones stoning, castration, and lovely things like infanticide. If you wish to argue changing times and cultures, then I would say Christians should allow the woman a right to choose. Abortion is not a religious issue, it is a social one.

    • galatians220life says:

      Let me say thank you for bringing some interesting discussion to the table. First, in regards to what you said about, “the Bible also condones stoning, castration, and lovely things like infanticide”… the Bible doesn’t condone these incidents or actions, but is describing events in which these things happened. In the culture that surrounded the writers during this time, such events did take place, and they recorded them as a part of history (history that we should learn from) but God never says that this is something He desires us to do as His children. For example, some disciples and apostles of Jesus Christ were themselves stoned, definitely not something God would have instructed. The same is true for the other things you mentioned, and for many other things you did not mention. And as I myself stated in the post, the Bible does not mention anything about “abortion,” in truth, the Bible doesn’t talk specifically about many issues by name. But the truth and virtue that is prevalent throughout the Word of God, as well as the verses I mentioned, prove that God values human life in all forms. If one defines murder as the taking away of a future life, one could say that the Bible specifically says “Do Not Murder.”

      In regards to personally talking to a woman who had “this procedure”.. I am guessing you’re referring to any and all types of abortion? If so, yes… I have spoken personally with girls and women who have had some form of this procedure done. This is partly the reason I feel confidant in speak boldly on the matter, because I have seen first-hand of how it has negatively effected their lives. As far as to, “As a practicing Christian and male member of society, who am I to tell a woman what she can and cannot do to her body?” I am not saying you should! This post is not intended for people to rally together and lay some sort of blame or rules over anyone. It’s purpose is to present the facts and let individuals decide what they should do regarding the issue. True, my intent is that many will see how abortion is never an answer, but causes more problems for people. However, as a practicing Christian male, you CAN encourage women who are facing this difficult options to reconsider, and encourage them to seek other means of help. You said it well that as a Christian man, you are indeed supposed to be practicing your faith in ways visible to others… It would help these women for all Christian men and women to offer help, acceptance, and the love of Christ during this very hard circumstance. More than anything, many young women feel they would have no support if they carried the child to term, if we as Christians surround these mothers and help them, then their decision to undergo an abortion would most likely diminish.

      And specifically, when you say, “Who are you to forgive someone for a potentially lifesaving, necessary and painful (both physically an mentally) procedure?” Am I understanding that you are referring only to those situations where the mother’s very life is in danger? (because the term “life” has come to mean, preference of situation, or position…) I hoped I had made it clear that in those situations, I myself take a rather hard view on it. The only reason is personal, my “mothering nature” is quite strong and for myself, I would have difficulties going through with an abortion, even at risk to my own life. I know that I am extreme in this, and I do not demand that everyone feel this way, I know this simply isn’t the case for most. One might say that in terms of life-and-death, it is a Christian liberty that varies from individual to individual. I also recognize that there ARE situations where it is absolutely mandatory, but I would still have reservations. (Again, on this particular point, this is more my opinion than literal fact.) In reference to your statement about forgiveness, I am simply stating that abortion is not something beyond being forgiven. Many women, after the abortion, feel such a sense of guilt and shame that they think they are unforgivable. I am simply trying to reassure that they are deeply loved and forgiven by a gracious Savior, and that I as one of His children, also love them and do not hold anything against them.

      Let me be clear that this post is not intended to make anyone feel guilty for doing something in their past. This is why I book-ended the entire post with a message of hope and acceptance. The purpose of this post is to make facts aware to those who perhaps have not thought deeply on the issue. And to encourage fellow believers that God values life at every stage, not just when we are born. If God only values our lives at the point of birth, then how can it be that He would take the time to “form our inmost parts” in the womb? If you can’t take it literally that God is personally involved with our development, lives, journeys, trials, death, and eternity, then what exactly CAN you take literally? it is true that the Bible is poetic, but it is also very factual and literal. This is why we can trust it when it says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.”

      And true, abortion is very much a social issue… I believe this is why God addresses the value of life, even in the womb. He knows how negatively abortion effects the life of the mother, physically and emotionally, and is encouraging believers to value life at all times, just as He does. Abortion also effects society as a whole! I failed to mention that since 1973 there have been over 54 million abortions in the United States alone.. (this does not tap the surface of the global number..) This has caused many social problems that we face today. Speaking on a purely secular level, it has been proven that because of the lack of new generations, the economy has greatly suffered. (Lack of support for the generations above… look at a population chart, it is greatly unbalanced.) Also, as a result of abortion, a general human respect for life has decreased in recent years. It could be said that more promiscuous living could also be a result. One could definitely associate various medical issues to abortion, not to mention emotional, financial, and relational. So, if we removed the Bible from the discussion entirely and spoke strictly on a social scale, there are reasons enough to stop abortions, because clearly they are not helping society, as a whole, or to the individual.

      Thank you for bringing up these points. I hope I was able to clarify and expound on those questions you were asking. Please feel free to ask as many as you like. I welcome the opportunity to make this issue as clear and understandable as possible. It is a very difficult and painful topic for many people, and it is my hope to discuss it as openly and compassionately as possible.

    • dochlyv says:

      Here is a statement from a post-abortive woman. Donna Raymond of Indiana said:

      “i am a mother of four children. just last december i had an abortion, it was the worst thing i could have ever done i have so much regret and anger for my self on this issue and lots of physical and mental problems followed after words. two words abortion kills.”

      This is not anyone I knew or met personally, but I assure it is an actual statement from another blog in which this woman was venting her emotions about her decision to abort her offspring.

      What I really want to put before you is what follows. I hope you will take the time to read this story from one of my own students whom I did meet and talk and pray with to help her get through this pain.

      Note to the reader: I received this on my podium one morning in the spring of 1996 as I was preparing to teach a class. Written on the front page was a note telling me the girl wanted to stay anonymous for now, but that she was hoping that what she went through might help others. She also gave me permission to make this story available to as many people as I wanted to. I have left the grammar as it was in the original document. Be warned: her description of the abusive relationship, the abortion and its aftermath is quite graphic and may be quite disturbing to some of you.

      Mr. Honeycutt,

      A couple of weeks ago during class we were discussing why women have abortions. Certainly there are a number of reasons why women have abortions. They could be really young and feel that they are not ready for such responsibility, or maybe they are not financially secure enough to support a child, maybe they were raped, or maybe the child has birth defects and they don’t believe it would be right or fair to the child knowing that they would live a “different” life. Anyhow, in class we learned that there are many reasons why women do this.
      Some people in our class stated that they don’t see how a Christian could do something like this. Well I’m going to share with you a story about someone I know who is a Christian and had a terrible abortion experience.
      A young insecure little girl who loved her parents dearly, she cried everyday in elementary school because she didn’t want to leave the loving and protective arms of her Faithful Christian Parents. Her father was a minister and she was taught right from wrong from day one. When she turned 10 her father became very ill. Her mother’s attention was almost completely directed towards him and taking care of him constantly. Seeing her father in pain and watching him suffer and crying a lot hurt her very much. At first she felt very insecure and cried all the time and prayed for God to heal her father. But then a number of years watching him suffer day after day she almost become hardened to his pain. She built up a wall and became ultra independent.
      She didn’t believe she needed her parents to help her anymore. She was 16 and guess what? She met an older guy. He was really cool. He worked out all the time. You know a dream guy, the one that all the girls want. Well being naïve that she was, she fell for his pseudo-charm. First he treated her like a queen and she fell for it.
      Then little by little he began controlling her, telling her to do things for him. Telling her what to wear, how to wear her hair. When to speak and when not to. Then he wanted her to lose weight so that she would be the perfect model type girlfriend. She had never been in a relationship, so she didn’t know this was abnormal. If they got in a fight and he really hurt her feelings, he would just say that he loved her and that no one could ever love her the way he did. Anyway she was 17 and, putting all of her security in him she decided to follow him to another city far away where they were going to get married an live happily ever after. Although this hurt her parents inside, she then just turned 18 and there was nothing they could do about it. They tried to stop her, but they did not succeed. Love is blind.
      He had given her his vehicle to drive, but yet it was still in his name, since he had sold her car for rent. At first things seemed to go fine for the first couple of weeks, they found an apartment to live in of course she told him that he would have to move out as soon as he found an apartment because she didn’t want to be living with him in sin. She was awaiting that wonderful day when they would get married. Well after a while, he began mentally abusing her. She cooked for him all the time, did all his laundry. Did all the shopping and had two very hard jobs. He just laid around since he only worked a couple days a week. He then began not letting her go anywhere without his permission, he was very protective, demanding, and controlling. She just believed that he loved her so much, that’s why he was so protective. Then it happened, she became so fed up with his remarks towards her, she slapped him, but not very hard. He came back with a hard right cross almost knocking her out. He felt so bad and begged for her forgiveness. She accepted thinking that it would never happen again because he made a promise, but the promise did not hold through. He began hitting frequently and then kicking and beating. He would lock her in the apartment and forcibly not allow her to leave. She was scared of him. But then he would come back and cry and beg for forgiveness and she would. One day after physically abusing her, he dropped her off out of the car and told her to walk. Miles from nowhere she had a lot of time to think and decided somehow she would leave him. She made it back and of course he was begging again for forgiveness. A few days later she found out she was pregnant. This devastated her. She told him and his reply was to have an abortion. She didn’t want to have an abortion, she was always taught that it was wrong. She wanted to just run away and have it by herself. But she had no money. Her parents would be ashamed and it may cost her father his position as a minister. She couldn’t face her parents. She wanted so much to have a supportive father who would take care of her and the baby, but she knew that this was an impossible dream. He continued beating her even while she was pregnant.
      One Friday morning she and her boyfriend drove three hours to Columbia where the abortion clinic was. As they arrived there were protesters outside. They handed them brochures on how abortion was performed. This totally terrified her and she began crying. She did not want to go through with it. He looked at her and said “you better go in there, there is not way you could make a good mother.” She went in there, the people in there were cold. They looked as though they had no emotion or sympathy. They told her to sign some kind of waiver form and then sent her back. They took her blood and then sent her into a room where 9 other girls awaited. She did not want to be awake during the procedure, so she told them they would have to put her out. She was the last of the 10 girls that were going to have the abortion. This clinic was very small and only had a few rooms. The room that they waited in was right next to the operating room. A nurse would come in and call them into the room. Most everyone of the girls were not being put under, so the screams and moans could be heard, even the never to be forgotten vacuum noise that was piercing. She began to cry asking God to forgive her for what she was about to do. Each girl before her was wheeled back through the room with blood all over them. She waited 9 girls before her and then the nurse came into the room and called her name. Shaking like a leaf, she went into the room. She laid down on the table. Because she was so nervous and hysterical, they strapped her down to the table so that she could not move. The nurse injected here with the anesthetic and she kept on asking “I am going to wake up aren’t I?” The doctor walked in the room singing and making perverted jokes. When he saw her crying, he became angry and told her to be quiet. She screamed and cried and then silence. She awoke in pain. With blood all over her. She had the most empty feeling possible. She almost begged for God to take her life because she had taken another . .
      She went back to the torturing boyfriend and they left. She slept for days in pain. But believed this was all part of the abortion. On the fourth day. She was found on the floor in a pool of blood. Her boyfriend rushed her to the hospital. She had began hemorrhaging. The emergency room was sounded with her screams of excruciating pain. The doctor said that it was an incomplete abortion and that part of the baby was still left inside her. She would have to undergo another abortion-like procedure or that she would die. This time she was awake through the whole thing. She laid there with no family, no friends, all she has was an abusive boyfriend.
      A couple of months later, she was abused so badly that she could take it no more. She began going to church again. She asked the Lord for her forgiveness. She left her boyfriend and went home. She did not tell her parents of her experience. She began to live a life that was led by the holy spirit. Because of her experiences she thought that she could be of help to those who were faced with the same problems that she once had. She joined a right to life program. She met the head of this certain organization and they tried to sue the abortion clinic for malpractice. They did not win the court case because of the waiver that she had signed. But more importantly, she was able to witness to a girl contemplating abortion and the girl decided not to have one.
      It has been very difficult for her, even now to deal with those experiences, but God has helped here cope with the situation. She wants to live a Godly life and to be what God wants her to be. She now goes to Liberty University and attends Mr. Honeycutt’s GNED class. I am this girl in the story and I wanted to share with you my experience. This has been the most devastating experience for me. Because of my sin that I committed, God punished me greatly, but I got right with God and now I have helped those who are faced with similar problems.. I sometimes think that I’ll never forgive myself for what I did, but I know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose”. Rom. 8:28. I hope this is an example which can in the end glorify God. Even this horrible, horrible sin can be turned into a blessing if I can prevent others from making the mistake I did.

      She wanted me to freely share this with as many people as I could. She is one of several whom I have had the privilege to help through this crisis.

      Even in the latest US Supreme Court decision (Gonzalez v. Carhart, 2007) it has become a matter of law to state that ““It seems unexceptionable to conclude some women come to regret their choice to abort the infant life they once created, and sustained, severe depression and loss of esteem can follow.”

      For this language to actually wind up in an actual supreme court decision means that it has had a lot of backing in actual experience. Think about that.

      There are two general lies that continue to perpetuate abortion:
      1) The Preborn Human is not a Person (Andrea dealt effectively with that particular question)
      2) Abortion is Good for Women

      There is plenty of evidence, especially from non-religious sources (including the Supreme Court decision mentioned above) that verify that women do not necessarily get through this without serious emotional scars.

      Dr. Alveda King, pastoral associate of the organization Priests for Life & niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has said the following:

      “. . . the rights of the helpless and the pre-born are continually violated in often the most violent acts imaginable. Indeed, in America, since 1973, over 40 million American babies have been legally murdered. At least 13 million of these babies were Black. Two of these babies were mine. Coupled with the blatant practice of euthanasia, and the open assault on marriage and family, we have lost and continue to lose millions of our children in this culture of death.”

      Note that she said: “two of these babies were mine.” She now, after being strongly pro-choice, and having aborted two of her children clearly sides with the unborn, and carries a sign around that says “I Regret My Abortion.” You easily find these pics in a Google search.

      I have said a lot, and I commend you, and anyone else, who read all of this.

      Blessings in Christ,

      Doc. H.

      • galatians220life says:

        Thank you for posting this Dr. H… The next time you see the girl who shared her story, tell her thank you for me, for being so open and candid about her experience in hopes to help others. It is very difficult to share such hurts, and with God’s help she is facing her pain and is slowly finding healing. My prayers and love go out to her and every woman who has experienced this.

        This story truly is a perfect example of what so many young women experience. Popular media tries to white-wash the realities of the facts, but the truth so often hurts. I hope that after reading this, others will be able to see and understand the realities of the horror of abortion, and realize that it isn’t a choice anyone should be allowed to make, for their own sake if not for the child’s.

  3. Sean Maguire says:

    Abortion is a life issue, Samuel, and God concerned with all aspects of life. There are of course social ramifications to abortion – and all of those are bad. Society is wounded by abortion. Women are wounded by abortion. And children are destroyed by abortion. Why exactly does your Christian faith compel you to say nothing contrary to such a destructive force? galatians220life called it one of the most unnatural aspects relating to being female. Why does your gender prevent you from speaking out against it?
    As I said earlier, I’m thankful that glatians220life wrote about this, because I’m not very good at writing in a gentle manner. Know that the above is meant with all respect and grace – I just sound harsh.

    • I ask again: do you know anybody who has received an abortion? Have you talked to or held hands with anybody who has had this happen to them? You are correct, it is not a pleasant process, and yes, there are risks. However, of the people i have talked to, none regret their decision.


      • Also, in regards to your thoughts on women not regretting their decision to terminate their pregnancies. I know of plenty of women who do regret it. In fact studies have shown that many women experience much pain, regret, and even depression as a result of their abortions. Not to mention the possibility of physical ramifications as a result of something gone wrong.

      • Of course a woman would feel and and loss! They are having their unborn child ripped from their loins! However, it is their choice. Just like it is the parent’s choice to have unprotected sex. In fact, it would be a better deterrent just to flat out chemically neuter people on birth, and then apply for a birthing license. Oh wait, that’s horrific, denying the choice of people over their own body, am I right? Which leads back to other people in control over a woman’s body. Do you think they put guns to the heads of women and force them to abort? No, a doctor flat out tells the patient the consequences of getting an abortion. In Pennsylvania, there is a law that states patients of this procedure must wait a full day before a woman can go through with it.

        As for the drug comment, we as a society call it illegal. And as far as I know, the woman’s choice is still legal in America.

        I will go with the final argument: separation of church and state. America was founded on freedoms, one of the more notable freedoms is freedom of religion, the ability to go around and believe whatever you want. We as a society enjoy this freedom and seem to confuse it with the idea of “my religion is better than yours”. Our government should not be a place of religious favoritism. In fact, the simple solution is: If you are a christian and believe this way, DON’T GET AN ABORTION.
        There are plenty of painful surgeries, products, and other stuff that we sell. These always come with restrictions (of which there are many on abortions), warnings (it’s in the paperwork), and other such legal limitations.
        Now I ask you again: what gives you the right to take a woman’s choice away from her

      • You just proved a point that I was going to make. The choice for the parents was to have sex, not a baby. In choosing to have sex they are saying that they are willing to take on the responsibility that comes with it. Sex is a wonderful thing, but our society is oversexed, and as a professing Christian you should know that sex was created to be enjoyed with in the parameters of marriage. Statistically speaking those getting abortions are single mothers who have chosen to engage in sexual behavior outside of marriage. Abortions not only endanger the life of the woman, but it also encourages sexually immoral behavior. Abortions have become nothing more than a cop-out for many irresponsible couples(many of which are teenagers) who are not ready to engage in sexual activity. Just because the parts are ready for it does not mean the person is ready.

        With the drug comment, you completely missed the point I was trying to make. I was trying to make the point that just because something is not explicitly stated in the Bible as a sin does not mean that it is not a sin. It had nothing to do with whether or not drugs are legal or illegal in this country or the legality of abortion. The point of the matter is that abortion is murder regardless of whether or not it is legal or not.

        Separation of church and state was put in place to keep the state and federal governments from establishing a “state” religion. Back during the colonial period if you did not attend and tithe to the church of England you could and would be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law would allow. Separation of church and state was put in place to stay away from this kind of tyranny. While it allows us to have religious freedoms, religion and our christian beliefs should permeate the way we view everything in life. We need to view our world through the lens of Christ. Christ loves little children, therefore He would be appalled by the fact that many of the children he loved are murdered each day, just because their parents, and more specifically their mothers did not want the responsibility of taking care of them. If that is the case there are always alternatives to abortion, say adoption for instance. The murder of an innocent child should never be a choice.

        Finally I ask you: What gives you the right to kill an innocent child? They have as much of a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the rest of us. Unfortunately since 1973 millions of unborn children have been denied that right. Now I thought we lived in a free country that defends the rights of everyone. I ask you what about the children? What happened to their rights? Should they not have a say in the matter? Science has proven that they are people as well. You yourself have seemingly admitted that they are people. I and many other Christians will continue to speak for them for as long as it takes.

    • Sean Maguire says:

      Samuel, I didn’t realize the question was meant for me. Yes I have talked to women who have had abortions. I have a good relationship with one. No, I’ve never held their hands.
      All of the women I know regret their decicions.

  4. Samuel, there are a lot of things that are wrong or sin that the Bible does not EXPLICITLY mention as sin. Take the use of illegal drugs, there is nothing in the Bible that says using cocaine or marijuana as something that is wrong or sinful. Yet we as Christians will call it sin, because of other passages in the Bible that show us what God values. There are grey areas. But, what we do know is that God values life. An unborn baby is a human life. I know very few people that would say the taking of the life of a human being is the right thing to do. But, because there is a debate on whether or not an unborn child is a human being many do not view abortion for what it is. Which is murder. Science, and you can read my other post for what I am referring to here, has proven that a baby in a mothers womb is in fact a human being. How then, can it be ok?

    The only instance that I can see where it would be ok for there to be a choice would be if the mother’s life was in danger. I can see no where in the Bible that says a mother is required to lay down her life for an unborn child. But, in that instance it is the mothers decision as to whether or not she will have the child. But, I know for a fact just from conversations that I’ve had with my own mother, she would have chosen to have me in that situation.

    I praise God my mother found me valuable enough to allow me to be born….and you should too.

  5. Samuel, I think you should listen to our show Friday night. http://www.wamvradio1420.com at 9pm eastern time. We will be explaining our position in even more detail then. We will be backing it up with scripture and much research from outside sources. You should check it out and possibly even call in.

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      Thank you, Cindy! As liftyourvoice1 said, we are not a paid topic. And I’m just a twenty-something college student who loves the Lord and wants to spread God’s Truth. I’m so glad you appreciate the Lift Your Voice blog! Feel free to share it with whomever you like, and listen in on the show! God bless you.

  7. Cyndy, we apprecate your kind words. We are not a paid topic. Rather, we are a group of Christians united by a ministry called Lift Your Voice. Our goal is to get the messge out to the youth of today that they matter and that God cares. We do this by discussing various topics here on the blog and on our radio show. This particular post was written by one of our listeners who contributes to the blog. She is very talented. We strive to teach truth in love. Keep reading our blog and if you ever get a chance listen to our show on Friday nights at 9pm(eastern time) at http://www.wamvradio1420.com

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      Thanks hairstyles! Your comment is encouraging. We try to deal with facts and not let our emotions control our arguments.

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      Are you asking, what do others need to voice on this topic to help spread awareness? I think any of the facts mentioned on the Lift Your Voice blog that we have written can be used to “voice on this topic.” So long as you give the information in a loving and compassionate way, and not done from anger or accusation. Two of the verses I’ve come to live by are 2 Tim. 2:24-25: “And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient, in humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth.” I hope this has answered your question. If not, please let me know and I’ll try to address it.

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      Wow, thank you Gwendolyn. I appreciate your comments! It’s great to hear that this post has impacted you in this way. My hope in writing was that someone would see this issue in a “new light” as it were, it’s a joy to know that this happened for you!:) As for the intelligence… all glory to God on that!! This blog couldn’t have been written without Him. I’m just the messenger for His Truth. God bless you!

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