Story of healing / protection

Posted: January 17, 2012 by wisconsinsk8er in Heaven

this is a story starting of when i was 5 and then skipping to when i was 17 . Well when i was roughly 4 years old me and my mom went to do the laundry at the laundry mat in town and it was a typical day you know those perfect sunny days well i was sitting on the floor playing with my little tonka trucks right behind my mom while she was loading the washer and out of no where a car comes speeding through the parking lot and right into the laundry mat and hit my mom and all of a sudden all i remember was seeing these 2 figures come out of no where they each grabbed under my arm’s and i was instantly on the other side of the laundry mat and every one was speechless well those two figures were Jesus and my Guardian Angel now Skip ahead To age 17 almost 18 i was constantly Tired and sick and not wanting to do anything not even go to church and i fell away from god that summer till about july and i had these two red spots show up on the back of each leg so i went to a walk in clinic and the doctor gave me a pill to take and said go see you Dr in 2 weeks so i did and the walk in Dr said i said something that i didn’t so my doctor ordered a couple test’s so i did that and he called me about an hour after i got home that afternoon and he said ” Tim are you sitting down?” i said no he said well you might want to i sat down and said okay and he was like well Tim you have Leukemia and i just started Bawling and i said okay what do i do he said well i want you to see a Hematologist and i just started praying and my church and friends and family prayed for me non stop and i went to see that doctor could not get a accurate read on my blood so i went home for a couple months and took iron and vitamin c so i went back to the hematologist 2 months later and he said well i have some good news and some bad news . The good news you no longer have Leukemia . you had it i know i saw it but i have no idea what happened to it but it is not there bad news i have no idea what is wrong with you so Moral of the Story No matter what you are going through always Stick to God cause he will bring you through it even though at that point in time it may not seem like it

  1. dochlyv says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Tim. You must know what your name means, right? Timothy means “honoring to God.” And by telling this story, declaring God’s care and goodness you are liviug up to your name. You are, as my friend Andrea Macbean, says, “making Him famous.” Keep that up, little brother in Jesus.

    Doc. H.

  2. galatians220life says:

    Amen, Tim! God is the Great Healer and absolutely answers our prayers. So glad to hear Leukemia is no longer in your life! Praise God! And like the Doc said, keep on making Him famous while you’re here on this earth!! 🙂

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