Human Trafficking at the Super Bowl!!

Posted: February 3, 2012 by whoneycutt in Human Trafficking

Yes! Human sex-trafficking at the Super Bowl!  Until yesterday, I had never heard about this, nor even thought of it as a possibility, and it is not be design (at least ours) that we are talking about Human Trafficking this Friday before the Super Bowl.   I guess a Mightier Hand has put this together for us.  The information in this particular article may astound you.  It did not shock me, as such, but it did surprise me a little and saddened me – a lot.  Unfortunately, though, it makes sense, in a disgusting kind of way, that the Super Bowl is one of our country’s national and annual events that sees the most sex-trafficking of young slave women.   As floods of visitors descend on Indianapolis for the big game, and as I am writing this blog and you are reading it, the corrupt and depraved desires of men and women are being satisfied with the coerced sexual services of young slave women abducted throughout the world and from our own streets.  Read the article here – 

Sex and Human Trafficking is an issue which is the underbelly of society and one of our world’s most outstanding problems.  Slavery is by no means eradicated in the world.  In fact, more human beings are slaves today in our world, than at any other time in its history; an estimated 27 million souls!  Please be sure to read Andrea’s excellent post below for detailed and graphic information on this matter.

As we have always heard, the first step to overcoming a problem is to become aware of it.  Pray for the oppressed girls and listen to our show tonight (Friday, February 3rd, 2012) form 9pm – midnight.  We will have students active in the International Justice Mission (IJM)  chapter at Liberty University lifting their voices to inform us of the serious problem that human trafficking is here in our country, right under our noses.  I am sure they will have good insights as to how to spot and even stop sex trafficking.  We will also try to tackle the difficult issue of what the Bible says about slavery. 

See the IJM website here – – for more information.

Lift Your Voice airs as a life streaming program at (click the microphone to join the program).  We will also have an ongoing live chat through our facebook page (!/groups/295403217143748/) throughout the program for all our listeners to lift their voices on this issue.

Get informed, get inspired, get involved!

For The Truth,



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