Too Soon to Celebrate and Too Good to Be True?

Posted: February 3, 2012 by whoneycutt in Uncategorized

Dear Listeners and Fellow Bloggers,

Just yesterday I was singing the praises of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for their bold decision to withdraw funding from Planned Parenthood.   Just today, I have to sigh in sadness and frustration as I actually remove the blog I posted because of their decision to renege on that decision. 

Their reasoning is that they do not want to succumb to political pressure!  They need to get their head out of the sand!  If Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice advocates do not have a political agenda, I am Mickey Mouse!  

What is really boggling is that the very problem that this foundation advocates and works for the prevention and cure of, breast cancer, has been linked to abortion in numerous documented studies ( – enough to be of serious public concern and outcry.  But now we have seen that in many cases like this, it’s more about the money; or “the Gs,” as the kids say these days.

I emailed them again today at and sent this message:

Dear Susan G. Komen Foundation,                  

Shame on you.  You say you are not going to kowtow to political pressure?  That is exactly what you are doing.  You don’t think PP has a political agenda?  Goodness!  Get your head out of the sand. 

 Also, your refunding of  Planned Parenthood is philosophically inconsistent!   The very thing you are seeking to cure has been linked to abortion in enough studies to make it a significant point of concern!  ANYTHING that poses a threat to women’s breast health is something the public hears about and ample warning is posted.  It’s all about the money, I guess. 😦

This does not mean we jumped the gun, though, or celebrated too soon.  Our effort was to send them enough positive and encouragement and response to know that there were millions who supported their choice, but apparently, the pressure from the other side, and the financial support they were threatened to lose, spoke sooner and louder.




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