relationships and love

Posted: February 12, 2012 by wisconsinsk8er in Relationships/Love

Well first off let me say hello to my Lift your voice friends again . and where to begin on Relationships & love well i have had a couple girlfriends and the most recent i was unequally yoked and it was tearing me apart and i mean don’t get me wrong she was nice and everything but there was nothing more than physical attraction and i was losing sight of God and his plan for me and i didn’t need that. it say’s in the Bible in Song of Songs what it means to be in love with another person and also it describes what it means to be in unity with one another and God has certain person in line for each and everyone of us if we would be patient and wait on the Lord like he asks us to but no we have to go be impatient fools yes i called all of us fools  99% of the time we rush off without God and “Jump off the deep end ” instead of waiting for God to get in the “pool” and ,Catch us we end up drowning in a sea of faces and just grab the closest one to ourselves and hope and pray that person is the one for us and when it ends up hurting us we scream and ask God to come save us and he does . You know why Cause he LOVES us yeah there is that 4 letter word again Dc Talk put it best when they said  love is a serious word . and Teens & Adults throw it around like it is nothing these days . The Messy Mondays guy put it best ” Like is The new Love ” and don’t Describe the things you like With the word you use to Describe You’re God  You’re Family You’re Siblings  and love it has no meaning any more Love is a verb it is not what you are it is something you actively do and feel 24/7 365 .  so before you go off and get a new Boyfriend or Girlfriend that is only gunna last 2 maybe 3 months STOP RIGHT THERE . And Pray about it   there is a quote out there and a movie also and it is “Fools Rush in ”  and i am making a new quote or possibly repeating it i am not 100% on it  . Fools Rush in But Wise men wait on the Lord ”  so be a wise person and Ask God first .

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