Godly Man Hood

Posted: May 3, 2012 by wisconsinsk8er in Godly Manhood

Well where to start Most guys consider themselves a “MAN ” When they get there License Some consider themselves a “MAN” when they turn 18 Personally I saw myself as a “MAN” when I saw myself as one. But, now comes the question How do you know if you are a “GODLY MAN? ”  That is where this gets tricky Cause in order to be a ” GODLY MAN ” first you must know what the Bible has to say on this topic. ” God created man to be in hos own Image ” that right there should be enough. ahh but it is not To be a “GODLY MAN ”  IN my own personal opinion is when a “MAN ”  Takes responsibility for hos own personal actions , life , and spiritual life , and knows how to bow down to authority. He knows when it is time to “MAN UP ”  And knows how to become second in life and not first, to be more Christ like in life  and knows what it mean’s to be a Real ” MAN ” but not just a ” MAN ” But a  Real “GODLY MAN”


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