Hey Ladies, the World Has Lied to You

Posted: May 14, 2012 by andreacaresse in Godly Womanhood

Society has for some time tried to define what it means to be a woman.  The worldly thoughts concerning a woman’s identity are pervasive and have even made their way into the church and family.  These public misconceptions about femininity can be, have been, and will continue to be destructive on biblical womanhood if women don’t take notice and stand up for the truth.

The last show of Lift Your Voice discussed biblical manhood and one of the points mentioned was the fact that society has warped what true manliness is all about; the same is completely true for women.  In our culture today there seems to be a propensity towards changing the male-female roles.  Culture loves labeling men’s roles as women’s, and women’s roles as men’s.  Why?  It may not seem like all that important of an issue to discuss, but the fact is that these differences were designed by God.  An attack on the definition of manhood and womanhood is in fact a direct attack on God’s divine order.  When the men aren’t the men they should be, it’s extremely difficult for women to be the women they need to be. The two sexes really do complement each other, it’s not two separate topics, but one unified topic of God’s special design for male/female relationships.

To see how humanity has chosen to twist the truth, let’s take a closer look and what society defines as womanhood.  For one, modern role models for women are practically nonexistent.  Young girls have their choice of the following as guides to live their lives:  anorexic and artificial supermodels, sexually promiscuous and in other ways morally corrupt celebrities, feminist activists who promote female dominance, TV and movie characters who warp femininity and make it comical or inferior, male-like bisexual and lesbian characters who struggle with being born female, and the list goes on.   When scrolling through the programs available on television, there are hardly any female characters who exemplify femininity.   We no longer live in “the good ole days” of black and white tv shows when many celebrity examples were good, decent, and edifying.

Not only are our secular examples lacking, but there are very few women leaders in the church itself to look up to for women.   All of the church’s pastors, most deacons, and leaders are men.  Many times the wives of these men don’t have the same calling, so they aren’t seeking to be mentors to young women.  Young girls growing up in the church find themselves looking to the male leaders for guidance and direction.  This isn’t usually the best idea and could be problematic for a variety of reasons.  So even in the church, girls have few options to find role models, especially if their mothers are not godly.

Society tells girls that when they have great bodies and need to use monthly products or take a pill, then they become a woman.  But that’s not being a woman. That’s being an object. That’s just being sexual eye candy. But that’s what society feeds young girls, and girls buy it because it makes them feel good and important, but they aren’t being cherished that way.   So often girls don’t even know what it’s like to truly be valued because they have poor male role models in their lives and so they go looking for affirmation wherever they can find it.  Culture quickly offers artificial confirmation to yearning hearts as long as girls conform to a worldly image.  But this fleeting sense of identity won’t last, because society is ever-changing.

Society also tells girls that they become women when they are in a physical or serious relationship.  Let me make myself absolutely clear ladies: that relationship you are in does not, and never will, define who you are.  If you are broken, a relationship will not heal you.  If you are single and lonely, male companionship will not feed your soul.  It’s satan’s lie to try to convince you that you are worthless without a man.  You are not and never have been worthless.  Period.   I know too many women who have been deceived by this, and I must speak boldly and bluntly on this issue.  Your identity should be found in Christ and no one else.  If you need a “soul-mate,” you won’t find it in another human being, only Jesus Christ can fill that void. Another person is just as fallible and imperfect as you are.  Why do we as people think that another person can heal us if that person obviously can’t heal themselves?  I’m not speaking only about accepting the gift of salvation (though granted that must the first step), I am also speaking of Christian women not giving Christ access to the most inner parts of their heart to take control over.  It’s human nature to want to hold back some for ourselves, but we can’t do this and have total healing – it must be given to God.  So if you’re thinking another person can fix you – STOP.  They can’t.  If you think many possessions, pretty looks, a perfect body, great career, or social popularity will satisfy or give you identity, you’re wrong.  They can’t do that for you either.  And gaining them won’t make you a true woman.

If you are a Christian, your identity is found in Christ, which makes you priceless in God’s eyes!  You are cherished and loved more than you could ever imagine.  Yes you.  If you don’t think God really loves you think about this:  Would God purposely create something He didn’t love?  Psalm 139:13-16 proves that God made you exactly the way you are for a reason.  Psalm 103:3-5 shows just a glimpse of all the love and forgiveness God has for you.  John 3:16, Romans 5:8 and many more show how far God has gone to demonstrate His love for you.  You are cherished by God, embrace that fact.

So what is a true woman? Check out this godly example.


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