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Something Like Scales

Posted: June 29, 2012 by ericrasberry in Uncategorized

“As he neared Demascus…” that is how verse 3 of Acts chapter 9 starts.  I was reading that this morning and I couldn’t get that phrase out of my head.  How many times have I been on my way to “Demascus” and God intervened?  How many times have I been knowingly on my way to do something and God got in my way?  In this account in Acts we know that Paul, then Saul, is on his way to Demascus to continue his persecution of followers of Jesus and before he got there God stopped him in his tracks and his life was never the same.  Every Christian has had a moment where once they were blind and then they could see; every Christian has had their Demascus road experience.  (Side note: I think that the song Amazing Grace has special meaning to Paul)

But I think it’s important to take that encounter and apply it to what the Holy Spirit does to those who he indwells.  We are all prone to wander from God, we are all attracted and drawn away by our own desires and enticed into sin.  Our flesh is constantly at war with the Spirit.  I realized as I looked back at my own life how many times I wandered down the “road to Demascus” and God in his mercy and grace convicted me and I repented. 

I think we all should take a moment to lift a special praise to the Lord for loving us enough to catch us on our way to hurt him and ourselves and renew a right relationship with him.


Family Tragedy ……….

Posted: June 1, 2012 by wisconsinsk8er in Uncategorized

Well, I am one who is a close friend with tragedy, sadly. Where to begin… Well, when I was about 8 or 9  years old we lost my great Grandma and that hit my family pretty hard, but I really didn’t know what was going on then. As I got older I realized, and then I hit 12 or 13 and my best friend’s mom died and she was like a second mom to me, and that hit me really hard. Then jump ahead a few more years: now I am 17 1/2 almost 18 and my doctor’s told me that I had leukemia. I had leukemia for almost a month, till my doctor’s had no idea what happened to it. Now jump up one more year to me being 19. My Grandpa had been fighting in and out of hospitals for almost a year and a half and we lost him this past January to “CHF,” Congestive Heart Failure. So yeah me and my family know what tragedy looks like and it is not fun but God had been there through it all every step of the way. He was right there by my side and my family’s side the entire time when we lost my Great Grandma , when my best friend’s mom died , when I had cancer, and when my Grandpa died. And God will continue to be there  even though it did not seem like it. When I had cancer I felt alone and scared and afraid to die cause I had drifted away from Gods unfailing mercy & love & grace, and it took me having cancer for almost a month to realize I needed Him back in my life. And even though it did not seem like he was there for my mom when her Dad died he was right there comforting her every second of every day . So if you are going through a tough time just remember that God is always by your side every day and every second.